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Final Fantasy Promo Code Money Maker!

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Final Fantasy 7 is doing a promo where if you buy 2 Crunch bars, Butterfingers or Babe Ruth bars by May 14 you get a free DLC code. This tier gives you the Tifa Dyamic Theme DLC code, which sells for $20ish on eBay.

Simply go to your store and purchase the bars:

Upload the receipt(s) and wait for your code! They do seem to be strict so do your best to switch up stores/times if going for multiples.

We recommend staying safe since you are selling a digital item. Some people even ship an envelope out containing the code to prove delivery. Most likely your buyer will be more than happy and won’t do anything but just throwing it out there 🙂 .

Promo is good until, Thursay, May 14 so get to cooking!

Free Limited Disney Key Releasing November 17 (Read info below)

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With a minimum purchase of $10, you’ll get a complementary Disney Mickey’s Holiday Key. You can either buy online (Use code: HOLIDAY ) at or in-store on Sunday morning while supplies last for each.

It’s not guaranteed that you can return whichever item you get, but if the customer support or worker is nice they’ll probably let you do it.

Current sales right now ^.